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Speech Pathology

The Speech Pathologists at Glenroy Specialist School:

  • Support students to understand the school curriculum and actively participate in school activities, learning and socialisation.
  • Help the students develop functional communication skills, learn how to interact with others and express themselves.
  • Collaborate with families and class teams to identify communication and mealtime goals for a child, and work with the team to come up with individualised approaches.
  • Provide information and training to staff and families around Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems such as speech generating devices, communication books and eye-gaze systems.
  • Provide staff training on how to support safe mealtimes, development of communication and social skills for each student.
  • Support students to eat and drink safely at during the Mealtime Program through ongoing assessment, monitoring, staff training and education.
  • Collaborate with other therapy disciplines and teaching staff to ensure that everyone is working towards helping each student achieve their learning goals.