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Once you have decided that you would like to proceed with enrolling your child at Glenroy Specialist School, you will need to collect reports from your child’s paediatrician and external therapists. The paediatrician’s report should include information about your child’s diagnosis and level of physical disability including medical information, mobility, hearing and vision, and how these might impact your child’s learning.

Therapists’ reports would comment on mobility and equipment requirements, receptive and expressive communication, fine motor abilities, hearing, vision, and self-care skills, all related to your child’s learning. We are happy to provide guidelines to assist therapists in writing these reports.

When you have these, we will conduct an Intake meeting to determine your child’s needs at school.
If your child will be starting with us as a Prep, in Term 4 the school holds Prep orientation and parent information sessions, and in the first few weeks of the year, we arrange a Parent/Teacher meeting.

Our aim is for your child’s transition to Glenroy to be as smooth and happy as possible so if there is anything that you think will help this process, please discuss it with us.